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Type 1 diabetes

Last Updated Dec 2007

Q: My niece is a juvenile diabetic. She was diagnosed at age 6 and is now 47. She has taken care of herself through the years but more recently has developed serious complications, which include very high cholesterol, PAD, and loss of circulation in her legs, etc., etc. My wife and I have introduced her to OmegaRx Liquid Fish Oil (1 tablespoon daily), SeaHealth Plus, Eico Plus, and Zone Olive Oil, as well as the "Mastering the Zone" Book. She has been on this for two weeks. Our concerns are should a mature type 1 diabetic eat on the Zone diet as outlined in your book? For example, she says she cannot eat fruit, because her sugars go up. Do you have a specific food plan for a type 1 versus a type 2 diabetic? One other thing, she has never been overweight. This recent setback has caused her to lose so much weight; even her normal size 6 clothing is much too large.
Sam C.
Dear Sam,
A: The Zone Diet is ideal for type 1 diabetics. They will still need some insulin, but usually only about 50 percent of their standard dosage. I would use non-starchy low glycemic-load vegetables as her primary source of carbohydrates.
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