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Q: Does silent inflammation include the autoimmune disease sarcoidosis? I was diagnosed with it in 1992 and have had it in most of my organs. I am wondering if you have any specific dietary suggestions to improve my body's ability to fight off the exacerbations that continue to occur.

Dear Becky,

A: Yes, sarcoidosis falls within the category of an inflammatory process that produces very small lumps called granulomas.  Stimulated by inflammation, these granulomas can grow and produce scar tissue that can eventually cause organ damage.  Corticosteroids are generally the treatment given, because of the inflammatory nature of the condition.  The best
treatment would be to reduce the underlying inflammation using high-dose fish oil (5-7 grams per day of OmegaRx, 8-12 capsules or 2-3 teaspoons) in combination with the anti-inflammatory Zone Diet. Always work with your doctor before changing any prescribed medication.

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