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“Toxic Fat” is Dr. Sears' latest book

Last Updated Jul 2011

Toxic Fat: When Good Fat Turns Bad“Toxic Fat: When Good Fat Turns Bad,” the most revolutionary book that Dr. Sears has written has been published. This represents the 12th book he has written about his Zone technology and promises to cause significant re-examination of the obesity and diabetes epidemics in America and how we treat them.

Rather than looking at obesity as a condition of sloth and gluttony, Dr. Sears shows it is much more productive to think of obesity as a form of cancer that is driven by silent inflammation. Furthermore, the epidemics of weight gain and diabetes in America are primarily caused because the genes in susceptible individuals are being activated by recent changes in the American diet. Once those genes are turned on, obesity and diabetes are the inevitable outcome. The cause of those genes being turned on is the rapid increase of arachidonic acid (i.e., toxic fat) in our bodies.

In “Toxic Fat,” you will learn why people who have a genetic predisposition for a “fat trap” are becoming fatter not due to moral inferiority, but simply by having bad genes that can be activated by toxic fat. Also the driving force for eating more calories is not improved food advertising, but hormonal changes in the brain (again caused by increased levels of toxic fat) that are creating a constant state of hunger. Fortunately, all of these problems can be changed within 30 days by following the Zone Diet coupled with high-dose fish oil.

If there is a must-read book about obesity and diabetes in America, then “Toxic Fat” is that book.

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