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Sarcoidosis, Grover's disease

Last Updated Apr 2009

Dr. Sears,
Q: Will this diet send something like sarcoidosis into remission?  I also have a skin disease called Grover's disease.  None of my doctors really knows what to do, and I'm very sick when I take prednisone, and that's all they seem to give me.  I've heard how good omega-3s are for you.  I would appreciate your help as I'm looking for a natural way of combating these diseases.

Dear Liz,
A:The cause of Grover’s disease is unknown, but it is an inflammatory skin condition. This is why you are being given a powerful anti-inflammatory drug like prednisone to treat it. The Zone Diet coupled with high-dose fish oil (about 5-7 grams of EPA and DHA) will be the best way to treat the underlying inflammatory process.  For acute treatment of any outbreaks, I would recommend Cellular Serum that can be applied as a topical anti-inflammatory agent.
Sarcoidosis is also an inflammatory condition in which small inflammatory nodules appear primarily on the lungs or in the lymph nodes.  They should be  reduced by the Zone Diet.
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