Thursday, October 23, 2014

Zone Diet and pH

Last Updated May 2009

Dear Dr. Sears,

Q: I'm an Italian personal trainer, and I believe really very much in your Zone Diet. Also I unfortunately come from the pasta country. What do you think about new studies on a pH diet? I personally believe if you could realize a Zone pH Diet, it will be the revolution of your life.
A: The pH diet is based on the principle that you want to maintain your blood in a slightly alkaline state. Since taking blood is painful, people often use urine to determine if their diet is alkaline or acidic. Unfortunately, it is an unreliable marker of the blood pH. Fruits and vegetables are foods that give rise to a greater pH in the blood. Meats and grains generate acidity in the blood. The Zone Diet can be viewed as a pH diet since you restrict grains and balance moderate protein intake with high levels of fruits and vegetables. The end result is you keep the blood slightly alkaline.   
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