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Breast cancer

Last Updated Aug 2007

Q: Dear Dr. Sears,

I'm a 64-year breast cancer patient (MRM 9/97) currently being treated for recurrence. Since the MRM (almost 3 years ago) I have been juicing carrots and beets daily and have followed a vegan diet (recently added fish). My holistic physician is recommending the Zone diet for me. I have purchased the Soy Zone as well as A Week in the Zone. Question #1: Is there any way that I can stay in the Zone and also do some juicing, maybe just juice greens such as cabbage, romaine and parsley? I am concerned about getting nutrients. Question #2: I work out 6 days a week before breakfast, alternating jogging (4 miles at a 10-11 minute pace) and rowing 35 to 45 minutes on my Concept II rowing machine. Would it be acceptable to make a soy smoothie and have 1/2 before my workout and 1/2 after my workout and consider it breakfast?


A: Dear Pattijean:

To answer your first question, I would recommend using the lower density carbohydrates such as cabbage, romaine lettuce and parsley. Each of those sources is extremely rich anti-oxidants and nutrients with very low levels of carbohydrates. Splitting your soy smoothie as you suggested in your second question is an excellent approach to maximize the hormonal benefits of the Zone meal and your workout.
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