Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thinning hair

Last Updated Oct 2008

Q: I see you recently answered someone's question regarding alopecia and suggested the person use the Cellular Serum on their scalp. I would like to know how much and how often. I am female with thinning hair on the top front of scalp and would love more advice on this. Would it make the hair sticky, like some topical solutions do so that I would need to wash my hair before going out? How often should it be done, and how long before shampooing would negate the effects? Also, I use Nizoral shampoo, non-prescription strength, because I heard that the ingredient ketoconazole 1 percent has the side effect of regrowing hair. Is this true, and if not, do you know of a better shampoo that would help me?
A: I would do it twice a week. The Cellular Serum penetrates quickly. By increasing the blood flow to the hair follicles, you will increase their vitality. Ketoconazole’s ability to regrow hair is very limited.
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