Zone Pro-Resolution Nutrition

Zone Pro-Resolution Nutrition

Pro-Resolution Nutrition is a comprehensive personalized dietary program to reduce chronic unresolved inflammation that causes chronic disease and accelerates aging.

The reduction of inflammation is best achieved by following the anti-inflammatory Zone diet. The resolution of residual cellular inflammation can be accomplished by the use of high-dose omega-3 fatty acids. Finally, the repairing of damaged tissue requires the activation of the gene transcription factor AMPK by the use of high-dose polyphenols. Each dietary component of the Pro-Resolution Nutrition system has a significant influence with the others so they have to be used as an integrated dietary system.

For an optimal Resolution Response, each of these dietary interventions should be considered as a synergistic team working in a highly orchestrated sequence of events to maintain each stage of the Resolution Response™ at optimal levels since the injuries that generate inflammation occur at random.

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Using the Pro-Resolution Nutrition System

Chronic Inflammatory Conditions that can managed by Pro-Resolution Nutrition

Stages of Life that Require the Pro-Resolution Nutrition

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