Benefits of Being in the Zone

The health benefits of being in the Zone are numerous.  Here is a small listing of those benefits:

AMPK activation:

Your overall ability to repair tissue damage is controlled by AMPK, the master regulator of your metabolism.

Immune efficiency:

Your immune system’s ability is increased because your immuno-metabolism is strongly influenced by increased AMPK activity.

Inflammation reduction:

Most low-level chronic inflammation in the body is diet-induced and can be reduced by being in the Zone.

Cytokine reduction:

Cytokines are inflammatory proteins that cause fatigue and disruption of your metabolism.  Cytokine production is decreased as AMPK is activated.

Improved hormonal balance:

You gain better control of blood glucose, hunger, and inflammation by controlling the hormones that regulate those metabolic activities.

Extending healthspan:

The better the body can heal, the more you slow down the rate of aging and extend your healthspan.