Dr. Barry Sears and Mary Perry discuss Metabolic Engineering and how it makes your metabolism more efficient and
increases overall health and wellness.

Reaching the Zone affects virtually every aspect of modern medicine.  Dr. Sears and Mary Perry comment on breaking
medical research news.

The complexity of nutrition requires understanding its science. Dr. Sears addresses current topics in short video presentations.

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“Metabolic Engineering™ may have a far greater impact on the future practice of medicine than will genetic engineering.”

–  Dr. Barry Sears

What Leading Medical Researchers Have to Say About The Resolution Zone

“The Resolution Zone is a must read. Dr. Sears’ vision is clearly presented building on fundamental new discoveries from experimental medicine. I highly recommend this book and hope you’ll embrace its very valuable messages.”

Professor Charles N. Serhan, PhD, DSc.,

Endowed Professor Harvard Medical School, Distinguished Scientist and Director, Center for Experimental Therapeutics at Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Key Insights of the resolution