What is the Zone?

What is the Zone?

What exactly is the Zone?  Simply stated, being in the Zone is how you slow down the aging.  

The Zone is a defined physiological state controlled by your diet.  Like any validated medical science, the Zone is determined by your blood chemistry.  Your blood will tell if you are in the Zone, or you are not.  In the Zone, you are better able to reduce, resolve, and repair the inflammatory damage caused by any type of injury.  These injuries include inflammation generated by excess body fat.  The reason is that excess body fat acts as a staging area for new inflammatory attacks on other organs.

Being in the Zone means you can burn excess body fat faster, heal at a faster rate, and have a more robust immune system.  It is these benefits of being in the Zone that will slow your rate of aging.  The underlying biochemical reason is the activation of the “master switch” of your metabolism, AMPK.

Metabolism is how we convert food into energy to keep us alive.  It is AMPK found in every cell in the body that controls the flow of that energy.  If AMPK activity is optimized, you live longer.  If AMPK activity is inhibited, you gain weight, develop chronic disease, and accelerate your rate of aging.  When you are in the Zone, your levels of AMPK are optimal for a longer and better life. 

There is no magical nutrient or drug that gets you the Zone.  However, a defined dietary system consisting of the anti-inflammatory Zone diet, adequate consumption of omega-3 fatty acids, and sufficient intake of polyphenols can get you to the Zone.  Each dietary component of the Zone Pro-Resolution Nutrition system works as part of a team to orchestrate the necessary hormonal and epigenetic responses needed for activating AMPK that leads to optimal healing.

Our goal at DrSears.com is to provide you with the scientific knowledge of why we age and how to slow it down and offer you unique dietary insights to make it easier to reach the Zone.