Key Points of The Resolution Zone

  • You need some inflammation to stay alive, but you also need its resolution to stay well. Optimizing your Resolution Response keeps them both phases of inflammation balanced to optimize the body’s natural healing response.
  • The Resolution Response can be optimized by using a nutritional program consists of the 3R’s: (1) the anti-inflammatory Zone diet to reduce inflammation, (2) omega-3 fatty acids to resolve residual inflammation, and (3) polyphenols to repair the damage caused by inflammation.
  • If any of the 3R’s of the Resolution Response are not working at optimal capacity, healing is blocked and unresolved inflammation begins to increase in every organ.
  • Unresolved inflammation is the driving force for virtually all chronic disease and accelerates the aging process.
  • Everyone is different. This is why optimization of the Resolution Response is based on reaching specific blood markers.
  • You can’t maintain wellness without having an optimal Resolution Response to maintain the body’s natural healing response.
  • Dietary control of the body’s natural healing response will have a significant impact on the future of health care because of its ability to maintain healthy aging.