Metabolic Engineering™

Metabolic Engineering™ is a comprehensive, personalized dietary program to reduce chronic unresolved inflammation that causes an increase in the population of senescent cells.  These senescent cells are potent generators of inflammatory mediators associated with age-related chronic disease that results in a decreased healthspan.

Removing senescent cells is best achieved by following a defined dietary program to reduce their population by reprograming the immune system.  This dietary program consists of three distinct nutritional components.  The first is the anti-inflammatory Zone diet to reduce diet-induced inflammation.  The second step is the resolution of residual cellular inflammation can be accomplished by adequate intake of omega-3 fatty acids.  The third and final step is the sufficient intake of polyphenols to active AMPK.  Although, no single dietary intervention is sufficient by itself to reprogram the immune system to remove senescent cells, they should be considered as a synergistic team working in a highly orchestrated sequence.  Thus, they must be used as an integrated dietary system if you want to reduce the population of senescent cells in the body.

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