The Zone

The Zone

Stating that dietary control of the Resolution Response may have far greater control on the future of medicine than genetic engineering is a bold statement.

However, once you understand that optimization of the Resolution Response is a portal to the hormonal, epigenetic, and systems-based biology in every cell in the body, the statement makes perfect sense.

The Resolution Response is the complex interaction of the anti-inflammatory Zone diet, omega-3 fatty acids, and polyphenols to activate AMPK, master switch of your metabolism.  Metabolism is how we survive.  In particular, metabolis is how dietary nutrients into energy and signaling agents that maintain life.  If your metabolism is optimal, you age at a slower rate.  If your metabolism is compromised, you age at a faster rate.  The choice is yours.

No drug can optimize your metabolism, but you can be optimizing the Resolution Response by the Zone Pro-Resolution Nutrition system that activates AMPK in every cell in your body.  You can’t measure AMPK directly since it never enters the blood, but you can measure blood markers reflective of AMPK activity.  These blood markers are dynamic, so you want to develop a life-long dietary system to optimize them.  The goal of the Zone Pro-Resolution Nutrition program is to get you into the Zone, whether those of continuously optimized.

The Zone is defined as the optimal ranges of those biological markers that indicate optimal control of AMPK.  Your diet controls these blood markers.  In essence, if you want to heal more effectively from any inflammation-inducing injury, maximize your immune system, reduce the development of chronic disease, and slow down the rate of aging, then you want to be in the Zone.