Episode 2 of the Wellness Zone Podcast with Dr. Barry Sears and Mary Perry. This weeks topic: Satiety: how not to always feel hungry while on a calorie restrictive diet.

We discuss:

00:00 What is satiety?

00:37 What causes hunger? What gut hormones tell the brain that the body is hungry or not?

01:15 What role does metabolism have in hunger?

01:46 How does diet turn on or turn off satiety hormones?

2:30 How much protein do I need to not always feel hungry?

3:22 How do weight loss drugs control satiety? And how can a proper diet do the same thing?

05:42 Side effects of weight loss drugs

08:57 Do supplements work to suppress hunger?

13:25 Future technology—creating desirable foods that have the right amounts of protein.

16:31 Rules to eating: What are the best times of the day to consume food?

Dr. Barry Sears and Mary Perry explain Satiety, and how to restrict your caloric intake without always feeling hungry, tired, and irritable—the natural way.