Resolution Response™

Resolution Response™

Inflammation is complex. You need to turn on inflammation to survive injuries or microbial infections, but you also need to turn off that same inflammation and then repair the damage caused by it to remain well.

How the body heals requires a highly orchestrated series of hormonal and genetic steps to reduce, resolve, and then repair the tissue damaged as the result of chronic inflammation. The term the Resolution Response™ describes the hormones and gene transcription factors that are under dietary control along with the levels of the blood markers that are needed to optimize the body’s ability to heal. Since injury-induced inflammation is random, maintaining an optimal Resolution Response™ is critical if you want to remain well.  

If the Resolution Response™ is blocked by poor dietary choices, then you can’t completely turn off inflammation. This results in chronic unresolved inflammation that is below the perception of pain. The build-up of this unresolved inflammation is the first step in gaining weight, developing chronic disease, and accelerating the aging process.

The reason why unresolved inflammation is so dangerous is that it can become a permanent source of new inflammation in the body by either inducing fibrosis (i.e. scar tissue) in an organ or creating senescent cells that generate continuing inflammation that accelerate organ aging. Either consequence initially leads to metabolic disruptions (such as insulin resistance), followed by the accelerated development of chronic disease, and finally generating frailty (the need for assisted living to survive) as shown below:

How the Resolution Response™ becomes blocked by the diet provides a new unifying theory to understand why we develop chronic disease. The more closely you follow the Pro-Resolution Nutrition system, the more likely you are to optimize your body’s internal Resolution Response.

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