Episode 4 of the Wellness Zone Podcast with Dr. Barry Sears and Mary Perry. This weeks topic: “The Zone Diet Today.”

We discuss:

00:00 Zone Diet inspiration

01:02 Injectable weight loss drugs vs the Zone Diet

01:54 How much protein should you be eating to stop hunger

03:10 Bad side effects of injectable weight loss drugs

03:45 Right amounts of carbs and fats

05:56 How long should you follow the Zone?

06:43 30g of protein vs the old Zone Block method

07:55 Maintaining lean muscle mass

08:28 Calorie restriction, not malnutrition

10:00 Our knowledge of metabolism 30 years ago versus today. The Zone Diet evolution into Metabolic Engineering.

Dr. Sears and Mary Perry discuss the Zone Diet’s evolution and why it remains relevant after 30+ years.