Episode 8 of The Wellness Zone podcast with Dr. Barry Sears and Mary Perry. This week’s topic: Understanding Metabolic EngineeringWe discuss:00:00 What does metabolism do? It converts the food we eat into energy. It controls our immune system. It turns on and off inflammation. It controls the expression of our genes. It controls our rate of aging. In short, metabolism keeps us alive. 01:32 Metabolic Engineering basics: Metabolic Engineering is a comprehensive dietary system to activate the master regulator of your metabolism (AMPK) in every one of your 37 trillion cells.  By doing so, you can reduce, if not eliminate, insulin resistance in a short period (clinical studies indicate as little as four days).02:12 What slows down your metabolism? Consuming too many calories, for one. Eating too much of the wrong carbohydrates like white rice, white pasta, and white bread. You can also have too many omega-6 fatty acids or too many unsaturated fatty acids like palmitic acid.03:08 What missing from a typical American diet? Mainly omega-3 fatty acids and polyphenols.05:11 Why are weight loss drugs not the answer? Because they’re only treating the underlying cause of weight gain, which is a disrupted metabolism.05:49 3 steps to a more efficient metabolism: 30 grams of protein at every meal, 40 grams of non-starchy carbohydrates (vegetables), a dash of fat.08:51 The benefits of a healthy metabolism and slowing down the aging process? Slowing down the aging process and increasing healthspan.

Dr. Barry Sears and Mary Perry define Metabolic Engineering and explain its fundamental principles.